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Terms and Conditions

I wish to subscribe to one or more of the newsletters and databases offered by Gordon Pape Enterprises Ltd. In so doing, I agree to accept and abide by the following conditions:


  1. I will treat the contents of the newsletter(s) and databases as confidential and will not transmit any portion of them to third parties, nor divulge to others the specific recommendations contained therein.

  2. I agree to hold harmless Gordon Pape, Gordon Pape Enterprises Ltd., and any individual or company involved in the preparation and/or distribution of the newsletter(s) and databases against any losses, material or otherwise, which I may suffer as a result of recommendations or advice contained in the newsletter. I understand that all information, while believed to be accurate and reliable, is not guaranteed and that market fluctuations may adversely affect any recommended investments. I acknowledge that I have been advised that any recommendations contained in the newsletter(s) should be discussed with an appropriate financial advisor before proceeding.


I agree