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Cabin Fever?

Added on March 31, 2020
Categories: Update.

If you’ve started to experience bouts of cabin fever brought on by personal distancing, you may find this useful. I decided to put together some of my favourite reads, movies […]

RRSPs after 71

Added on February 14, 2020
Categories: Questions.

I’m 73 and CRA says that I have RRSP room from my working days. Can I still use it?

TFSA tax trap

Added on December 9, 2019
Categories: Questions.

What are the tax implications from investing in U.S. securities within my TSFA?

Portfolio for son

Added on November 25, 2019
Categories: Questions.

I’m building a small portfolio for my son. Should I focus on buying indexes, individual stocks (banks, telcos), ETFs?