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Green ETF

Added on February 26, 2021
Categories: Questions.

Q – Can you recommend a green ETF? I currently hold Greenlane Renewables (TSX-V: GRN) which has done well but has a narrow focus. I am looking for an ETF that […]

Profits from gaming

Added on January 29, 2021
Categories: Questions.

Q – I’d like some ideas on how to get in on the gaming issue. There are game producers and then of course the infrastructure folks, particularly chip makers who are so […]

ETF with U.S. exposure

Added on December 20, 2020
Categories: Questions.

Q – I’m looking for U.S. exposure ETFs with some income that can be purchased from the Toronto Stock Exchange. I am moving RRSP investments to a RRIF because my age. Any […]

Investing dilemma

Added on November 13, 2020
Categories: Questions.

Q – I’d like your thoughts on a basic approach for my youngest daughter, who is 29 and single. She is saving for a future home purchase and also wants to build an […]

Discount Brokers

Added on October 11, 2020
Categories: Questions.

Q – I’m trying to decide which discount broker to deal with. Which one do you suggest? – Sandra C. A – I have not analysed the pros and cons of various […]

Danger Signs

Added on June 8, 2020
Categories: News.

Buying stocks? Look out for these red flags.

More on mortgages

Added on November 15, 2019
Categories: Questions.

Q – My partner (age 67) has given his ex-wife the total of his RRSPs as a settlement payout. This has left him with no retirement income, he has no pension, […]

Owning gold

Added on November 15, 2019
Categories: Questions.

Q – Lots of folks have been discussing buying and holding gold in their portfolios. We are interested to know your thoughts about buying and holding gold in either our TFSAs […]

Searching for broker

Added on November 15, 2019
Categories: Questions.

Q – I have been using financial advisors for years but would now prefer to manage my own funds. Many years ago, I managed my own portfolio with TD Waterhouse but […]

Where to hold cash?

Added on November 15, 2019
Categories: Questions.

Q – We continue to enjoy reading your newsletter, thanks for your ongoing efforts producing it. Like many we are starting to hold significant amounts of cash in all our […]

Keeping the bull alive

Added on July 5, 2019
Categories: News.

The current U.S. bull market is the longest running bull since the Great Depression.

HBP poison pill.

Added on April 3, 2019
Categories: News and RRSP.

Changes designed to make it easier for millennial home-buyers in pricey markets like Toronto and Vancouver.