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TFSA quandary

Added on December 6, 2021
Categories: Questions.

I have a TFSA, just because I heard it’s the thing to do with our money. I really don’t understand how the account works.


Added on December 6, 2021
Categories: Questions.

Are CDRs appropriate for small investors looking to participate in companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc.?

Volatile stock, stable dividend

Added on November 15, 2021
Categories: News.

Suitable for investors looking for dependable cash flow and can live with the ups and downs of the share price.

Green ETF

Added on February 26, 2021
Categories: Questions.

Can you recommend a green ETF?

ETF with U.S. exposure

Added on December 20, 2020
Categories: Questions.

Are there any U.S. exposure ETFs with some income that can be purchased from the Toronto Stock Exchange?

Investing dilemma

Added on November 13, 2020
Categories: Questions.

My daughter is saving for a future home purchase and also wants to build an emergency fund. What’s her best approach?

Danger Signs

Added on June 8, 2020
Categories: News.

Buying stocks? Look out for these red flags.