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One of the most important principles of sound investment management is staying on top of what’s happening in the world and how those events affect finances. Conditions change quickly, and keeping up-to-date on developments and trends can be challenging. The team of experts producing IWB have been advising Canadian investors for over 25 years.

Edited and Published by Gordon Pape. Associate Editor: Richard Croft

With Gavin Graham, Ryan Irvine, Glenn Rogers, Shawn Allen, Adam Mayers, Paul Bamford & Michael Corcoran.

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IWB is published almost every week (44 issues a year).

Included in the newsletter are stock recommendations, regular updates on top picks, preferred investment strategies in light of current economic conditions, model portfolios, and articles on new developments in Canadian economic and investment patterns.

Buy/Sell Advice

When we recommend a security, we keep you updated about its performance and let you know when it’s time to Buy, Sell or Hold.

Model Portfolios

Our team of experts have created many model investing portfolios to match numerous investment styles.