Canadian Tire Corp. (TSX: CTC.A, OTC: CDNAF)

Canadian Tire is quite familiar to almost all Canadians. But it has grown and changed substantially over the past decade or two. There are now 504 original Canadian Tire branded stores and 297 gas bars. As well, the company owns a network of sporting goods stores, clothing stores, and a majority interest in the REIT that holds its real estate.

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CTC has raised its dividend every year for the last decade, to a current $7 a year from $2. Most recently it increased its dividend by $1.75 per share (1.1%) this year, giving a yield equivalent to 5.3%. The dividends are eligible for the dividend tax credit for Canadian investors. The dividend has grown strongly over the last decade and is likely to continue to do so, if at a slower pace. - Gavin Graham


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CTC.A was first recommended here on June 13, 2011