Horizons Active Preferred Share ETF (TSX: HPR)

Most ETFs are passive securities. That means they closely track their target indexes and the returns reflect what that market is doing. However, this ETF is actively managed, which means the team at Fiera Capital decides on the composition of the portfolio. They invest mainly in Canadian securities but the ETF may also hold some U.S. stocks. Non-Canadian dollar exposure is hedged.

Income Investor

The objective for HPR is to generate monthly tax-advantaged dividend income with principal protection. HPR can invest in preferred shares and fixed-income securities in Canada and the U.S. It is actively managed, which allows the manager to raise cash during turbulent times and to move in and out of reset and floating rate securities as interest rate changes dictate. Buy. - Richard Croft


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Interactive Performance Chart

HPR was first recommended here on September 26, 2016