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Maximize your RRSP

Your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) should be the centerpiece of your investment portfolio.

We’ve assembled a number of articles from our team of experts to help you maximize your RRSP’s potential.

HBP poison pill.

By Gordon Pape

Changes designed to make it easier for millennial home-buyers in pricey markets like Toronto and Vancouver.

RRSP facts and fallacies.

By Gordon Pape

54% of Canadians have money invested in an RRSP, but good public education about retirement planning is still hard to find.

It’s RRSP season again. Don’t forget rule #1!

By Gordon Pape

The first rule of retirement planning – make a contribution!

What to put in your RRSP

By Shawn Allen

Choosing the best investments for an RRSP comes down to a balance of risk and return.

6 rules for your RRSP

By Gordon Pape

Follow some basic rules and choose your investments carefully.

RRSPs work! Here’s the math.

By Shawn Allen

Calculating the benefit of your 2018 RRSP contribution.

RRSP portfolio continues to deliver

By Gordon Pape

Most people look at their RRSPs only once a year, during the January-February contribution season. That’s a bad idea.