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Mutual Funds / ETFs Update

ETF / Mutual Fund Update

Edited & Published by Ryan Modesto

With Dave Paterson & Gordon Pape.

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Investors all know that one of the most important principles of sound investing is to stay on top of what’s happening in the world and to know how those events affect their finances. But conditions change quickly, and keeping up-to-date on developments and trends can be very time consuming.

Monthly Updates

The newsletter is published every month and is in it’s 20th year of publication.

Included in the newsletter are notices of fund ratings changes, reviews of top rated funds, and recommended mutual fund investment strategies in light of current economic conditions. Each issue also contains reports on new developments in the mutual fund industry.

Buy/Sell Advice

When we recommend a security, we keep you updated about it’s performance and let you know when if it’s time to Buy, Sell or Hold.

Model Portfolios

Our team of experts have created many model investing portfolios to match any investment style.

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Couch Potato Portfolio

a very simple, well diversified portfolio


MFU Ultra-Safe

Bonds were a little firmer in the latest six months, enabling the portfolio to post a small gain.


MFU Non-Registered Defensive

to generate a return between 4% and 6% without exposure to significant market risk



to generate an annual return of between 6% and 7% with as little risk as possible



target return is 6% a year generated from regular distributions


MFU Growth

aiming for a compound annual growth rate of 8% or more


iShares MSCI EAFE Minimum Volatility Index

Recommended on December 9, 2013

BMO Low Volatility Canadian Equity ETF

Recommended on December 31, 2012

BMO Global Infrastructure ETF

Recommended on March 6, 2012

Top Funds

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Advanced Search

Paterson & Associates Advanced Fund Search is a comprehensive database filtering tool that provides multiple criteria selections for searching thousands of Canadian mutual funds.

Incorporating fund performance tables, risk ratings, statistical data and more, the Advanced Fund Search is hosted by fundata and maintained by David Paterson.

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