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The Income Investor


Posted February 15, 2024

Fairfax under fire… BCE cuts leave Trudeau steaming… Gavin Graham updates The Keg, Johnson & Johnson

Wants US cash flow

Posted January 26, 2024

Where can I invest to generate some US dollars in dividends?


Posted January 25, 2024

Should you invest in Yield Shares ETFs?… Richard Croft updates Manulife Financial… Gordon Pape updates Enbridge, Firm Capital, Mullen Group, Innergex Renewable Energy… Gavin Graham updates Definity Financial, Peyto Development and Exploration, Capital Power… Your Questions: Wants US cash flow


Posted January 11, 2024

Bond rally stalls… Low risk ways to build your TFSA… Top Pick: BMO Aggregate Bond Index ETF… Gordon Pape updates XBB… Gavin Graham updates Slate Grocery REIT


Posted December 21, 2023

Two little words… Lower rates will benefit banks… Top Pick: National Bank… Gavin Graham updates Scotiabank, Canadian Western Bank… Perpetual preferred shares remain timely… Gordon Pape updates Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, Brookfield Renewable Partners… Your Questions: Advisor wants to change asset allocation… Price increase – final reminder


Posted December 7, 2023

Return of the bond bull… This month’s Top Pick: iShares Core Canadian Long Term Bond Index ETF… Gordon Pape’s updates: Canadian Utilities, NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT, Vanguard US Aggregate Bond Index ETF… Your Questions: What’s in store for this T-bill fund?


Posted November 23, 2023

How safe are high interest ETFs?… Cue the music: The return/yield two-step… Richard Croft updates Power Corp., CIBC… Pipelines pay off… Gordon Pape’s ETF updates: iShares 0-5 Years TIPS Bond Index ETF, Harvest Brand Leaders Plus Income ETF… Price increase


Posted November 9, 2023

Double threats… Gordon Pape updates Pembina Pipeline, Fortis Inc… Gavin Graham updates Brookfield Corp…. Your Questions: Investing in HISA ETFs


Posted October 26, 2023

Dividend bargains… This month’s Top Pick: Organon & Co… Rough times for Balanced Portfolio… Gavin Graham updates Stella-Jones, Boralex, Corby… Gordon Pape updates Mullen Group


Posted October 12, 2023

Covered call bonds… Gordon Pape updates Fortis, North West Company, Emera… Gavin Graham updates Unilever… Your Questions: Transferring funds; Rate resets


Posted September 28, 2023

It’s the cash that counts… The end of rising rates, or just a pause?… Top Pick: Boardwalk REIT… Gavin Graham updates Diageo, Fiera Capital, Richards Packaging Income Fund… Gordon Pape updates NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT… Your Questions: DXQ taxation


Posted September 14, 2023

Enbridge’s big gamble… Gordon Pape update Russel Metals, B&G Foods, Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure PLC… Your Questions: What to do with losing ETFs


Posted August 31, 2023

Rate hikes hit RRIF portfolio… An options alternative to single mortgages… Richard Croft updates iShares Core Canadian Short-Term Bond Index ETF, BMO Short Corporate Bond Index ETF, Manulife Financial… Gordon Pape updates Keyera Corp., Gibson Energy, Pembina Pipeline, Proctor & Gamble


Posted August 17, 2023

How safe are energy dividends?… Gordon Pape updates BCE, Freehold Royalties, Algonquin Power & Utilities, Macquarie Infrastructure… Members’ Corner: Registered plans


Posted July 27, 2023

The worst place for your money… Buy perpetual preferred shares now… Good news for REITs: rate cycle ending… Gavin Graham updates Allied Properties, Primaris REIT… Gordon Pape updates Firm Capital, Mullen Group, The North West Company, Innergex… Your Questions: What about annuities?


Posted July 13, 2023

NorthWest looks oversold… Gordon Pape updates TransAlta Renewables, Algonquin Power & Utilities, Canoe EIT Income Fund… Gavin Graham updates AltaGas… Your Questions: Variable income securities


Posted June 22, 2023

Betting on interest rates… Rate resets look attractive… Recession coming – but green demand still growing… This month’s Top Pick: Lundin Mining… Gavin Graham updates Watts Water Systems, Sun Life Financial… Gordon Pape updates Brookfield Renewable Partners


Posted June 8, 2023

Brookfield LPs recover… Gordon Pape’s stock updates: BMO Group, Exchange Income Corporation… Gordon Pape’s ETF updates: iShares 0-5 Years TIPS Bond Index ETF, CI Health Care Giants Covered Call ETF, BMO Global Consumer Staples Hedged to CAD Index ETF


Posted May 18, 2023

Algonquin eyes a break-up… Hedging your portfolio… Richard Croft updates Power Corporation of Canada, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, BMO Short Corporate Bond Index ETF… This month’s Top Pick: Mullen Group… Gordon Pape’s stock updates: Duke Energy, TC Energy, Enbridge, Pembina Pipeline… Your Questions: CI’s credit rating

GIS puzzle

Posted May 9, 2023

What counts as income for guaranteed income supplement (GIS) calculations?


Posted May 4, 2023

Earning income from gold… Energy stocks continue to pay off… Yours Questions: GIS puzzle


Posted April 27, 2023

Balance bounce-back… The end of the rate hike cycle… Gavin Graham updates CK Hutchison Holdings, The Keg, Pason Systems, Savaria Corp., Bank of Nova Scotia… Gordon Pape updates Proctor & Gamble, Coca-Cola… Your Questions: Savings ETFs


Posted April 13, 2023

TNT drops a bomb… Gavin Graham updates five retail REITs… Your Questions: Tax treatment of HHL.U


Posted March 30, 2023

Rising rates hit High-Yield Portfolio… Interest rates and your money… Gavin Graham’s REIT updates: Allied, Artis, Minto, Granite… Gordon Pape updates BCE, Enbridge, TC Energy, Russel Metals, Algonquin Power & Utilities


Posted March 16, 2023

Green energy woes continue… Gordon Pape updates Brookfield Renewables… Gavin Graham updates Fairfax Financial, Ecora Resources


Posted February 23, 2023

Setback for RRIF portfolio… Shifting to value… Top Pick: Saputo Inc… Gavin Graham updates Boralex, Leon’s Furniture, Fiera Capital… Gordon Pape updates Suncor Energy, Coca-Cola, Duke Energy… Your Questions: A death in the family


Posted February 9, 2023

RRSP crunch… Three stocks for your retirement plan… Gordon Pape updates P&G… Your Questions: RRIF withdrawals… Housekeeping

RRIF withdrawal

Posted February 9, 2023

Is it better to use the younger spouse’s age when withdrawing from a RRIF?


Posted January 27, 2023

A topsy-turvy GIC market… Bonds rebound – but for how long?… What are we missing?… Richard Croft updates Power Corp., Manulife Financial… Gordon Pape updates Algonquin Power & Utilities… Gavin Graham updates Canadian Western Bank, Calian Group, Intact Financial, Brookfield Corporation… Your Questions: RRIF withdrawals


Posted January 12, 2023

RRIF trouble ahead… Gordon Pape updates Gibson Energy, Russel Metals, TransAlta Utilities, BCE… Your Questions: Worried about Firm Capital; Wants to invest a million in one stock… Members’ Corner: Dividends and yield


Posted December 23, 2022

Top dividend stocks of 2022… Canada looks attractive in 2023… Top Pick: Peyto Exploration & Development Corp… Gavin Graham updates Johnson & Johnson, iShares MSCI United Kingdom ETF, Richards Packaging, Watts Water Technology Gordon Pape’s ETF updates… Your Questions: Inflation-linked bonds… Reminder: Beat the price increase


Posted December 8, 2022

Yield illusion… Updates: Sun Life Financial, Enbridge, TC Energy, Exchange Income Corp… Your Questions: Purpose Longevity Fund, RBC preferred… Price increase


Posted November 25, 2022

What ails the clean energy sector?… Time to revisit bonds… This month’s Top Picks: BMO Short Corporate Bond Index ETF, iShares Core Canadian Short-Term Bond ETF… Richard Croft updates CIBC… Gordon Pape updates BMO Global Consumer Staples Hedged to CAD Index ETF


Posted November 10, 2022

Pipe dreams… Summit REIT taken over… Gordon Pape updates Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble… Your Questions: The right time to buy


Posted October 27, 2022

Dividend yields hit multi-year highs… Top Pick: Definity Financial Corp…. Gavin Graham updates Fairfax Financial, Stella-Jones, CN Rail, Corby Spirits and Wines… Bear bites Balanced Portfolio… Gordon Pape updates Emera… Ryan Irvine’s fall events


Posted October 13, 2022

Utilities pay off… This month’s Top Pick: Duke Energy… Gordon Pape updates Canadian Utilities… Your Questions: What sectors to choose?