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The Income Investor


Posted June 25, 2020

Crisis winners… The joy of minimums… Top pick: Brookfield Asset Management Class A Preference Shares Series 44… Gavin Graham’s updates: AirBoss, Ag Growth, Uni-Select, Supremex


Posted June 11, 2020

Own gold, get paid… Gordon Pape’s updates: Brookfield Renewable Partners, TransAlta Renewables… Your Questions: Confused by dividends… Correction: SmartCentres REIT


Posted May 28, 2020

The Brookfield conundrum… Income portfolio for troubled times… Gordon Pape’s REIT updates: H&R REIT, SmartCentres REIT… Gordon Pape’s ETF updates: Global X SuperDividend REIT ETF, iShares Global REIT ETF, SPDR S&P Dividend ETF, Harvest Healthcare Leaders Income ETF… Gordon Pape’s stock updates: Firm Capital MIC, Brookfield Infrastructure Partners… TFSA portfolio discontinued

Shake-up for High-Yield Portfolio

Posted May 25, 2020

The portfolio was down a little over 4%. Time for some changes.


Posted May 14, 2020

Shake-up for High-Yield Portfolio… Gordon Pape updates Algonquin Power & Utilities, Pembina Pipeline, PIMCO Monthly Income Fund… Gavin Graham updates AltaGas Canada


Posted April 23, 2020

Know when to hold ’em… Review & outlook for income trusts… Top Pick: iShares U.S. Treasury Bond ETF… Gavin Graham’s updates: Boralex, Cogeco, Calian Group, Fairfax Financial Holdings… Gordon Pape’s updates: Firm Capital MIC… Your questions: Emera Preferreds Series H, Brookfield split

Protecting what you have

Posted April 23, 2020

The stock market is beaten, there’s turmoil in bonds, where do investors turn?


Posted April 9, 2020

Keep your priorities straight… Paul Bamford updates Morguard REIT, Bombardier preferreds… Gordon Pape updates Firm Capital, Summit Industrial Income REIT… More on bond ETFs


Posted March 26, 2020

High yield bond funds at risk… Selloff hits balanced portfolio… It’s rate-reset bargain-hunting time!… Top Pick: Emera Inc. Cumulative Minimum Rate Reset First Preferred Shares Series H… Gordon Pape’s updates: Pembina Pipeline Corp…. Your Questions: Bond funds


Posted March 13, 2020

Not all stocks are losers… Gordon Pape updates Atlantica Yield, Brookfield Infrastructure… Your Questions: U.S. funds… Members’ Corner: Bell preferreds


Posted February 27, 2020

Northview REIT takeover… New bond ETF worth a look… Top Pick: Packing a punch… Gavin Graham’s updates: Unilever, Diageo, Corby Spirits and Wines, Uni-Select… Gordon Pape’s updates: Suncor, Enbridge, Brookfield Asset Management, Inter Pipeline… Members’ Corner: Enbridge reaction


Posted February 14, 2020

Big gain for RRIF portfolio… Gordon Pape updates BCE, Brookfield Property Partners, Canoe EIT Income Fund… Your Questions: RRSPs after 71

Invest Like The Pros

Posted February 8, 2020

In the latest edition of our newsletter, The Income Investor, I offer my insights on how to grow this retirement must-have.


Posted January 30, 2020

RRSPs – Invest like the pros… Fixed-income substitutes… This month’s Top Pick: BCE First Preferred Shares Series AC… Gordon Pape’s updates: Brookfield Renewable Partners, True North Commercial REIT, Crombie REIT… Your Questions: A safer investment; Why not use TFSAs?… Members’ Corner: Enbridge


Posted January 17, 2020

The year ahead… Avoid money market funds… Gordon Pape updates Information Services, Innergex… Your Questions: REITs and utilities; RRSP to TFSA… Members’ Corner: Portfolios; High-interest accounts… Correction


Posted December 19, 2019

Cineplex sold at big profit… An overlooked REIT gem… This month’s Top Pick: Morguard REIT… Gordon Pape’s stock updates: Enbridge, Firm Capital MIC, Brookfield Asset Management… Gordon Pape’s fund updates: PH&N High Yield Bond Fund, PH&N Total Return Bond Fund, PH&N Short Term Bond and Mortgage Fund, Fidelity Global Bond Fund, iShares Core International Aggregate Bond ETF, Harvest Brand Leaders Plus Income ETF, First Asset Tech Giants Covered Call ETF… Tax Warning: Year-end fund purchases… Price Reminder

Income Investor Top Performers of 2019

Posted December 9, 2019

The focus is cash flow and safety. Capital gains like these are a nice bonus.


Posted December 5, 2019

Top performers of 2019… Gordon Pape’s ETF updates… Your Questions: Brookfield Renewable, Cash wedging… Price reminder


Posted November 28, 2019

Takeover boosts Income Portfolio… The sound of music and the madness of crowds… Richard Croft’s updates: BMO U.S. Put Write ETF… Top Pick: Horizons Active Cdn Dividend ETF… Gordon Pape’s updates: H&R REIT, North West Company, Brookfield Renewable Partners… Gavin Graham’s updates: Ag Growth Convertible Debenture… Your Questions: Losing stocks… Correction… Price Notice


Posted November 14, 2019

Canada’s Old Faithful… Gordon Pape’s updates: Extendicare, Encana, Pembina Pipeline… Your Questions: Canoe Fund, Split shares


Posted October 25, 2019

Big rewards from green energy… The U.K. on sale… Gavin Graham’s updates: Boralex, Fairfax Financial, Cogeco… Gordon Pape’s updates: PIMCO Monthly Income Fund, Summit Industrial Income REIT, Sienna Retirement Living… Your Questions: Replacing Dream Global REIT


Posted October 10, 2019

Emotions impact your returns… Richard Croft updates CIBC… Gordon Pape updates Dream Global REIT, Brookfield Infrastructure… Your Questions: RRIF allocation; WPT REIT; Sentry U.S. fund


Posted September 26, 2019

Balanced portfolio posts good gain… Choosing the best minimum floor rate reset preferreds… Top Picks: Canadian Utilities Corp. preferred CU.PR.I, TC Energy Corp. preferred TRP.PR.J, Capital Power Corp. preferred CPX.PR.G… Gordon Pape’s updates: Enbridge, TC Energy, Chartwell Retirement Residences REIT, Morneau Shepell… Your Questions: Recession-resistant stocks; Cambridge fund


Posted September 12, 2019

In this issue: High-Yield Port …


Posted August 29, 2019

RRIF Portfolio posts gain… Perspectives on risk… Richard Croft’s Updates: Covered call writes on Apple Inc. and Netflix… This month’s Top Pick: Global X Super Dividend REIT… Gavin Graham’s updates: AirBoss of America, Medical Facilities, Plaza Retail REIT, Slate Retail REIT, Intact Financial


Posted August 15, 2019

Rumour sparks price jump… Gordon Pape’s updates: TransAlta Renewables, Keyera Corp., PrairieSky Royalties, Freehold Royalties, Algonquin Power & Utilities, Brookfield Renewable Partners… Your Questions: Back to work?


Posted July 25, 2019

Interest rates are heading down… Searching for income… Top Pick: Fiera Capital Corp…. Gavin Graham’s Updates: iShares S&P Global Water ETF, iShares Convertible Bond ETF, Supremex… Gordon Pape’s updates: Brookfield Infrastructure LP, Canoe EIT Income Fund, Emera Inc., BMO Financial Group… Your Questions: Investing inheritance… Housekeeping


Posted July 11, 2019

New cash option… Gordon Pape’s ETF updates… Your Questions: Buying U.S. stocks, Selling U.S. stocks… Housekeeping


Posted June 28, 2019

Fed move a game-changer… Top Pick: CI First Asset Canadian Buyback Index ETF… Grab these new preferreds while you can… Gavin Graham’s updates: Calian Group, Capital Power, Pason Systems… Gordon Pape’s updates: North West Company, Extendicare, Information Services


Posted June 13, 2019

In this issue: Big gains for b …