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The Tumultuous Twenties

History has a way of branding decades to reflect the tone and temper of the times. So, what will future generations call the 2020s?

The Tumultuous Twenties looks like a reasonable bet.

  • the worst global pandemic since the Spanish Flu a century ago
  • Russia’s brutal and unprovoked attack on Ukraine
  • the resurgence of global inflation
  • global recession is looming
  • intensifying pace of climate change

The Tumultuous Twenties have barely started and already we have been faced with a plethora of crises, none of which have yet been solved. What will the rest of the decade bring? Probably more of the same.

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No one can predict exactly what the future will bring. But it is only prudent to be fully aware of the realities we face and to arrange your affairs accordingly.

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