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Building Wealth for Canadian investors

Building Wealth in Canada

RRSPs, TFSAs, mortgages and mutual funds… we cover the world of personal finance from a Canadian perspective.

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Posted November 12, 2018 by Gordon Pape

By Gordon Pape I get a lot of …


Posted June 9, 2018 by Gordon Pape

Nasdaq has been the world’s best-performing market over the past five years.

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Building Wealth publisher Gordon Pape answers your investing questions. Questions of broad general interest may be edited for privacy and published on this website. We welcome all your questions, but please understand that we do not provide personal financial management services.

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We’ve been providing top-notch building wealth advice for Canadians for over 25 years (and on the internet since 1996). Many of our investment picks have paid handsome short-term returns, but that is not our goal. We seek to preserve capital and build wealth with a long-term outlook. If you share that goal you’re at the right place.

Expert Advice

The editorial team is headed by well-known author Gordon Pape, one of Canada’s leading experts on investing and retirement planning, who is editor and publisher. Our regular contributors include specialists with a wide range of investment backgrounds. Gavin Graham, president of Graham Investment Strategy, offers expert advice on foreign stocks. Glenn Rogers is a knowledgeable entrepreneur and investor who monitors U.S .stock markets carefully. As President of KeyStone Financial, Vancouver-based Ryan Irvine is widely recognized as one of Canada’s leading experts on small-cap stocks. Shawn Allen, who is based in Edmonton, publishes the highly successful InvestorsFriend newsletter which has a long track record of winning stock selections.

Bill D.

Thanks for you help and many years of great financial investment advice.

Linda S.

Love your newsletters, count on them for solid, balanced rationale.

John A.

After a number of mistakes with advisors, my subscriptions to MFU and IWB have provided my major learning source for my investing since retirement some four years ago.

Ross B.

I consider myself very successful because people like you and others like you give us the straight goods.

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